Work with Mark Little to design and submit Jakarta EE logo options.

      Upload on the site.

      Design Brief:
      Jakarta is the new name for the technology formerly known as “Java EE” or “J2EE”. This software platform is used worldwide to power business-critical software systems in all types of enterprises. In the future, Jakarta will be the brand which will take this technology to the Cloud.

      This mark will be used in a wide variety of things - small logo on printed flyers, certification mark used on websites, logo on clothing, etc. Please make sure it is clean, crisp and easily readable.

      As well, please make sure this logo works in monochrome and full color.

      Target audience: Developers, software architects, software executives, enterprise executives, DevOps/IT specialists, global audience.

      Keywords: Cloud native, innovation, platform, professional

      Color: No gradients. The designer can choose any color they'd like. Needs to work in full color, black on white, white on black and monochrome.

      Orientation: please have a version of the logo with the wordmark on the right and well as one with the logo above the wordmark

      We do not want this logo to have any connection to the Java coffee cup, Apache or Apache Jakarta, island of Java, Eclipse, or the city of Jakarta, cannot say 'Java' or reference 'JEE' and nothing whimsical

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