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Create sticker designs for TorqueBox and BoxGrinder logos




      We're hoping to be able to get some stickers ordered for TorqueBox and BoxGrinder for distribution at a conference February 4th. For that to happen, we'd like to order them by Monday (the 17th), but may be able to delay that by a couple of days. I know it's short notice, but would you be able to work up something rather quickly if we give you specific input?

      We'll be ordering from http://stickermule.com/. They prefer CMYK pdf, eps, ai, or psd files, and have templates for the various sizes at http://www.stickermule.com/templates/stickers. These can be full-color stickers. For both stickers, we're thinking 3"x3", but are fine with something rectangular as well that is close to that size if that works better for the design.

      For TorqueBox, we were thinking ( The "11" shirt design) but with some gradients on the knob and box, since we have full color. It might also be nice to have the text at the bottom smaller, with the box taking up more of the space.

      For BoxGrinder, we were thinking the monkey logo and text from the logo, but with the text smaller and below the monkey.

        Gliffy Diagrams


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