I'm sure you can guide us here about the requirements for an "uncontestable" logo. The Red Hat Legal team would need to approve the logo for use before we could get it out there.

      I do have some ideas from the team. Some are a bit out there (just go with me here), but would certainly meet the unique and uncontestable category:
      A tricorne [1], with a quill tucked in the brim.
      A stylized printing press.
      XML markup style logo (maybe too generic): <PressGang/>
      A modern-day Press Lanyard with PressGang on it, with a "page of unreadable text" in the spot where the face photo would go ("PressGang_Lanyard.svg" or "backstagepass_firefox").
      A naval employee, pushing the <PressGang/> element away. The imagery here is that we are "showing eagerness to push what we are doing out to the JBoss Community" ("PressGang_Pushing_Tag.svg).
      A Narwhal [2] with a writing implement for a nose.(PressGang_Narwhal_Pencil/Face"). The thinking behind this is a bit abstract: press gang -> naval -> narwhal and press gang -> journalism -> pencil
      Pirate monkeys banging away on typewriters.
      A gorilla high-fiving a porpoise over a book. This may seem quite random, but the story behind this logo is the Gorilla (Red Hat) and the agile Porpoise (JBoss Community) high-five (collaborate/achieve) over the book (user guide) (Gorilla_Hi_Five_Shark.png). Think of a "Coat of Arms" style image.
      The last four ideas are rather left-field, but it might inspire spin-off concepts for some of the suggestions. Understand that we don't necessarily want a sensible logo; we aren't afraid to go out on a limb to make our project memorable, and talked about, in the community.

      I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Based on the work that comes out of JBoss Branding, I know it's going to be top notch.

      Jared Morgan
      Content Author
      Red Hat Asia Pacific
      1/193 North Quay
      BRISBANE QLD 4000

      P: +61 7 3514 8242
      M: +61 413 005 479

      [1] -
      [2] -

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