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Server-side thread count steadily increases during AS testsuite runs


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    • Affects Version/s: JBossAS-5.0.1.GA
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      AS testsuite - not particular to any platform


      (from an original email)
      > Hi Rajesh
      > Just wanted to let you know about something concerning the AS testsuite.
      > I've been having real problems getting the AS 5.0.0 (and 5.0.1) testsuite to run on HPUX without running out of native threads. It won't run to completion without getting an "OutOfMemoryError: unable to create native thread" exception. So I decided to try to find out how many threads are active in the JVM at any one time during a testsuite run.
      > I wrote a small modification to XMLJUnitMultipleResultFormatter which gets called before and after every testsuite; it prints out the following statistics:
      > <test name>: ThreadCounts(current threads, daemon threads,peak thread count,total started), HeapSizes(init,used,committed,max)
      > I'm seeing a strange creeping increase in the number of current threads active in the JVM over the life of the 'all' server execution, which is where i'm having the problem with native thread allocation. I would guess from this that some test cases are not releasing threads when finished, although this is only a guess.

      This is interesting. I would like to know if the HP UX maximum thread count is really low or the AS doesn't release some threads on undeploying the tests.
      Does a profiler show the list of all active threads when it runs out of active threads?
      A comparison with a run on RHEL with these metrics enabled will also tell us if we have a problem of threads being free'd on HPUX
      Can you open a JBAS and assign it to yourself with the below details and the attached log?
      There should be some interesting comments on this from dev.

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