1) 'name' prop - should be CONFIGURATION, not RUNTIME, since it can be set in the xml config file, e.g.:

      <mbean xmbean-dd="xmdesc/Topic-xmbean.xml" name="jboss.messaging.destination:service=Topic,name=MyTopic" code="org.jboss.jms.server.destination.TopicService">

      At least I think the name=MyTopic portion of the MBean name becomes the Topic's name.

      Actually 'name' should probably only be settable at the time of creation and after that be read-only. In JON we allow the GUI user to set values on properties that are both required and read-only and that currently have null values, but at other times, those properties cannot be modified. We do this mainly for the creation use case - for example, in the case of the 'name' prop, we would make it read-only and required, so the user would be forced to specify a value at Topic/Queue creation time, but then would not be able to change it once the Topic/Queue has been created.

      2) 'createdProgrammatically' sounds like it should be read-only and hence STATISTIC rather than RUNTIME

      3) 'messageCounterHistoryDayLimit' should be CONFIGURATION, not STATISTIC, since it can be set in the xml config file, e.g.:

      <attribute name="MessageCounterHistoryDayLimit">10</attribute>

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