From Max's email:

      When we run hibernate testsuite we today configure every run by having a <profile> section.
      Each profile setup its own dependencies (i.e. jars for the classpath) and properties used
      in interpolation of files like

      This works pretty well and even works good with IDE's since you can just do:

      mvn -Pdb2 test

      then maven will generate the right and run the tests.
      Then in your IDE (eclipse, netbeans, intellij, whatever) can just use the generated file
      and pickup the jars. Nice and simple.

      The downsides of this are:

      A) To test a custom config you have to edit the pom.xml which becomes tedious when that file is under svn and thus becomes dirty
      even though you haven't really changed anything in here.

      B) There is not a clean way of having downstream adopters use our testsuite to run the testsuite.

      A could be solved in a couple of ways:
      1) create a "custom" profile which will pick up settings from lets say "" to get the connection information. But then we would be missing the jar dependencies.
      2) Another way would by being able to have profiles stored external to the pom.xml. Steve mentioned profiles.xml being discussed at some point to allow for this.
      3) create a separate project per testsetup, but then we bump into other issues:

      • surefire not being able to run tests based of tests in a jar. Not even when explicitly naming the class.
      • Having a test subclass per config is also not scalable since it would just be tons and tons of boilerplate code with zero differences in plus without the easy "build project + dependencies" this becomes hard to maintain.
      • And finally when it is a separate project it becomes cumbersome to run this easily from an IDE (the test class is in separate location, and so is the
      • No way of overriding since additional classpath entries are appended not prepended to the classpath when running tests.

      B) could also be solved with the profiles.xml option or separate project - but have similar issues as described above.

      I hope that put some more light on the issues ?
      Let me know if it makes sense/nonsense.

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