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MailSession can't be set to use auth in one environment and not in another


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.1.1.GA
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      (Summary could be worded better)

      If you define MailSession in components.xml like this:

      <mail:mail-session host="@mailhost@" port="@mailport@" username="@mailusername@" password="@mailpassword@" />

      And set the mailusername and mailpassword in the environment specific components.properties files, you can't use a mail server without authentication in any environment.

      Putting this in a components.properties:


      seems to set an empty string into the property, which passes the "(getUsername() != null" test in MailSession.java used to determine if it should authenticate with the mail server.

      Therefore it tries to authenticate with empty username and password, which typically fails on a system that doesn't not require auth for outgoing mail (from internal servers for instance).

      In this scenario our dev environment needs to use a mail server that does require auth, but in production, it needs to use a mail server without auth. Currently this is requiring us to manually change the components.xml to have:

      <mail:mail-session host="@mailhost@" port="@mailport@" />

      in the production ear.

      A simple fix would be to change the logic in MailSession to do:

      getUsername() != null && getUsername().trim().length() > 0 instead of the current null check.

      The relevant lines to change are 105, 109, and 152.

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