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      As part of an initiative to improve the experience for new and existing developers, community members getting involved with Seam and Weld, I am documenting a set of improvements to be made to the current state user-facing and related documentation.

      This task serves as a running list of inconsistencies, improvement areas, and erroneous information provided on (and related.)


        • Need a better knowledge base, with integrated code snippets - people need use-case driven examples, sample apps aren't enough
        • Should provide a guided tour to "get started with seam" - this is almost a reality, but the level of knowledge required to succeed is too high.
        • Should provide a maven archetype for seam, or provide a link to one if it exists already – this information is currently hidden or unavailable.
          • No good documentation about the Seam portlet bridge, which is a closely related project. Should add visible links.
            ***It is currently impossible to subscribe for email notifications of new comments or changes on a thread unless you are the author. This is a major limitation of the software.


          • No clear place to get started using CDI/Weld/EE6 functionality - Persistence, Transactions, CDI, all need clear getting started information and tutorials.

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