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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0.0.FINAL
    • Fix Version/s: 2.1.0.CR1
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      The consumer is displayed on the page, but nothing happens when you click a link.
      Here are the steps to reproduce:

      • Build the latest GateIn trunk
      • replace the old admin-gui with the attached wsrp-admin-gui.war to server/default/deploy/gatein.ear/

      Go to the Gatein Administration -> Application Registry page and do the following:

      • import all applications
      • edit page
      • add the wsrp admin portlet from the administration category
      • then refresh the selfv2 consumer
      • import all applications again
      • edit page again
      • add the WSRP Configuration (remote) portlet to the page
      • and try to click on links on there

      Now, I have one idea that make links clickable after 2 clicks. If you add the following to the wsrp-admin-gui.war/WEB-INF/web.xml

      Then the consumer links will work after 2 clicks. Further details after reviewing generated markup from these settings reveal that the following link is properly namespaced but does not work. This is generated on initial page render...

      <a onclick="if(typeof jsfcljs == 'function'){jsfcljs(document.getElementById('pbG85667c2a_2de8c0_2d470f_2dab39_2dfbef42eb6825_:j_id42:producer-temp-form'),


      ,'');}return false" href="#" id="pbG85667c2a_2de8c0_2d470f_2dab39_2dfbef42eb6825_:j_id42:producer-temp-form:consumersTab">Consumers Configuration</a>

      but, after the first click the following is generated (same exact link) and renders the appropriate view...

      <a onclick="if(typeof jsfcljs == 'function'){jsfcljs(document.getElementById('producer-temp-form'),


      ,'');}return false" href="#" id="producer-temp-form:consumersTab">Consumers Configuration</a>

      it does not have a portlet namespace but calls the appropriate createView method in PortletViewHandler and enters restoreView.

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