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Special steps needed in documentation when upgrading web service stack with installation to non-default JBoss config directory



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      Documentation (Ref Guide, User Guide, etc.), Compatibility/Configuration


      The web service upgrade procedure documented at http://docs.jboss.org/riftsaw/2.1.0.CR1/gettingstartedguide/html/installation.html#d0e160 only works properly if RiftSaw is deployed to the "default" JBoss configuration directory.

      Other JBoss configurations need special steps, since JBossWS installer needs explicit configuration tweaked for the given JBoss configuration (as outlined in https://jira.jboss.org/browse/JBWS-2759#action_12485549).

      Current versions of JBossWS installer have built in support for 3 configurations:

      • all
      • default
      • standard

      One can select one of these configurations by defining a system property named "jboss.server.instance" for the ant build execution. For example, if the user wants to use the "all" which offers clustering together with RiftSaw and CXF web service stack, he has to install RiftSaw using the following invocation:

      ant deploy -Dws.stack=cxf -Dws.version=3.2.2.GA -Djboss.server.instance=all

      If the user wants to install RiftSaw and custom JBossWS stack to a different configuration than the ones supported, he has to download the web service stack distribution manually, provide his own customised build/*-deploy.conf file after unpacking JBossWS distribution and install the web service stack manually.

      A more convenient option is to first install RiftSaw and custom WS stack to one of the supported vanilla configuration directories, then make a copy of it and customize it afterwards.

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