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A jBPM process started from a Seam app. cannot call an ESB service


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      SEAM testing is blocked


      What we want to achieve?
      We need a Seam application (we use dvdstore from Seam examples) to be able to create a new instance of a jBPM process. This process instance should be able to call a deployed ESB service. We want to preserve other Seam functionality, especially the possibility to use jPDL page flow definitions.

      How do we want to achieve it?
      There is no strict way defined. We tried org.jboss.soa.esb.services.jbpm.actionhandlers.EsbNotifier in the process definition.

      What causes the problem?
      If there is a separate jbpm-jpdl.jar in the Seam application's EAR, the application can work, but it cannot call an ESB service due to class loading issues (SOA-1234). So the jBPM must be removed from Seam app. to run on SOA-P. This is no problem since process definitions can be deployed separately on the server using jBPM console. What causes a trouble is jPDL page flow definition. It cannot be deployed on the server without Seam libraries (there are unsatisfied dependencies).

      Possible solutions (not tested):
      1) Remove jBPM from the server side.
      2) Install Seam libraries on the server.

      We need a fix or a workaround because this feature must be in 5.0.0 GA.

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