Release Notes - Seam 2 - Version 1.1.5.GA - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [JBSEAM-508] - Seam/Security
  • [JBSEAM-538] - Add the ability to regenerate the datasource
  • [JBSEAM-630] - Create a Seam file upload component
  • [JBSEAM-646] - Controller abstract superclass
  • [JBSEAM-677] - iText support should allow .pdf and .html file extensions
  • [JBSEAM-678] - Digital Signature support for iText (PDF) support in seam
  • [JBSEAM-679] - Temp conversation context during startup
  • [JBSEAM-680] - seam pdf should support h:outputText or provide the equivalent
  • [JBSEAM-687] - Port the booking example to WAS
  • [JBSEAM-688] - <end-conversation before-redirect="true"/>
  • [JBSEAM-703] - Link syntax in seam text [text=>link]
  • [JBSEAM-708] - Make EL work in List and Map <value> in components.xml
  • [JBSEAM-709] - Add s:selectItems tag to seam-ui
  • [JBSEAM-710] - Allow the user to select whether a seam-gen project uses EJBs or plain JavaBeans.
  • [JBSEAM-711] - Make seam-gen use the new Controller fwk
  • [JBSEAM-719] - login page for seam-gen'd app, using Seam/Security


  • [JBSEAM-663] - jboss cache and redeploy
  • [JBSEAM-670] - Obsolete theme is not redirected to default and is invalid causing exceptions
  • [JBSEAM-674] - h:commandLink and action in pages.xml
  • [JBSEAM-682] - seam-gen edit page doesn't support saving after deletion
  • [JBSEAM-684] - Bug in documentation example section 3.6
  • [JBSEAM-685] - JSF postback doesn't include conversation identifier
  • [JBSEAM-686] - Conversation cleanup does not work for a request that invaldiates the session
  • [JBSEAM-689] - Seam framework Query too sensitive about keyword case
  • [JBSEAM-691] - Ability to turn off page parameter appending for <redirect/> in pages.xml
  • [JBSEAM-692] - javax.faces.FacesMessage is declared Serializable but is not serializable
  • [JBSEAM-707] - Filters for managed PCs don't work
  • [JBSEAM-712] - seam-gen project tests cannot be run from eclipse if persistence is used
  • [JBSEAM-725] - Bug in FacesMessage Serializability workaround



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