Release Notes - Seam 2 - Version 2.0.3.CR1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [JBSEAM-3003] - maintain insertion order of parameters in UrlBuilder


  • [JBSEAM-2833] - Glassfish Jee5 example deployment fails with NoClassDefFoundError: EDU/oswego/cs/dl/util/concurrent/ConcurrentReaderHashMap
  • [JBSEAM-2956] - seambay example throws an exception when placing a bid on the camera
  • [JBSEAM-3027] - seam-gen richfaces sakura skin not found
  • [JBSEAM-3049] - javax.persistence.EntityNotFoundException on activating passivated entities that have been deleted
  • [JBSEAM-3053] - Natural conversation id initialized at wrong time, leading to exceptions
  • [JBSEAM-3064] - AuthorizationException when Load Testing - RuleBasedIdentity.hasPermission() returns false when it should return true
  • [JBSEAM-3071] - Need to sanitize headers
  • [JBSEAM-3072] - seam dist /extras directory is not there - no mail-ra.rar
  • [JBSEAM-3078] - new entities are not wrapped by by conversation context flush
  • [JBSEAM-3090] - web XSD incorrectly declares servlet-session element
  • [JBSEAM-3101] - Blog example XML parsing error when launched in browser


  • [JBSEAM-3048] - Add id attribute to markup for JSF components in Seam examples
  • [JBSEAM-3050] - Move Seam scanner code into Seam Core
  • [JBSEAM-3058] - HTML and CSS sanitation filters for Seam Text
  • [JBSEAM-3066] - Include JBoss 5 compatible version of Facelets

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