Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 4.2.0.ALPHA2 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-222] - Package according to OSGi specs
  • [ISPN-629] - document transaction's state if an Exception occurs
  • [ISPN-631] - DLD and dist tests are disabled - enable and enhance these tests
  • [ISPN-639] - IllegalStateException when tx context is propagated
  • [ISPN-648] - Allow suppressing of CacheNotFoundExceptions in the RpcManagerImpl
  • [ISPN-650] - DefaultCacheManager.getCache(...) should block until newly created cache is started


  • [ISPN-373] - Deadlock between lock and put under heavy concurrency
  • [ISPN-633] - NotSerializableException seen on DIST deadlock detection
  • [ISPN-635] - NPE on acquire lock LockManagerImpl.lockAndRecord
  • [ISPN-637] - MarshalledValue.equals(...) causing ClassNotFoundException during remote invalidation handling
  • [ISPN-638] - Exceptions thrown by command invocation in CallInterceptor.handleDefault(...) are hidden by catch cause
  • [ISPN-642] - race condition in lucene index optimization could present a NullPointerException when deleting unused segments
  • [ISPN-643] - Deserialization of marshalled return values can happen from within JGroups thread context
  • [ISPN-644] - Stopping a CacheManager started with isStarted=false throws NullPointerException
  • [ISPN-645] - Default web.xml for REST server has the wrong param-name for configuration property
  • [ISPN-649] - Caches in TERMINATED mode should not allow put or any modifications


  • [ISPN-641] - More information logged on storage failure of JdbcStringBasedCacheStore

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