Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 4.2.0.ALPHA3 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-636] - Need a way to apply je.* properties to BdbjeCacheStore's EnvironmentConfig without using
  • [ISPN-653] - Implement a cachestore for Cassandra
  • [ISPN-660] - Upgrade to jclouds 1.0-beta-7
  • [ISPN-661] - Make the timeout values for statetransfer flush configurable


  • [ISPN-634] - Merging on distributed caches can lead rehash failure
  • [ISPN-652] - Build fails due to a missing artifact - spy:memcached:jar:2.5
  • [ISPN-656] - Fixing Scala integration with IntelliJ with new plugin
  • [ISPN-662] - ClassCastException when accessing passivated atomic map
  • [ISPN-664] - AdvancedCache.lock() should return the status of acquiring a lock
  • [ISPN-668] - Node fails to join a cluster after a shutdown or crash of a node in cluster. Joining node can be restart or new (different port) one.
  • [ISPN-669] - Impose Hot Rod topology cache configuration restrictions
  • [ISPN-670] - Consider all entries from data container as eviction candidates
  • [ISPN-671] - Lucene Directory doesn't appropriately throw an IOException in case read-past-eof happens at chunk size switch
  • [ISPN-672] - NPE in AtomicHashMapDelta.merge caused by TreeCache.put(Fqn, new HashMap())
  • [ISPN-673] - Stopped cache still causing RPC timeouts on caller.
  • [ISPN-674] - Eviction notification throws NPE
  • [ISPN-676] - NullPointerException in CacheNotifierImpl.notifyCacheEntryEvicted
  • [ISPN-677] - MalformedObjectNameException during jmx registration if cache name contains unexpected characters
  • [ISPN-678] - Fix DistTopologyChangeTest-testDropServer and ReplTopologyChangeTest-testDropServer
  • [ISPN-680] - Unintentional Segment Removal
  • [ISPN-681] - Some of Lucene's readlocks are persisted to the CacheStore
  • [ISPN-683] - removing a Lucene segment in a single batch might run out of memory
  • [ISPN-685] - Lucene metadata objects are deleted twice
  • [ISPN-689] - Read past EOF caused in Lucene Directory when Lucene flushes but doesn't close the segment
  • [ISPN-690] - during Directory.copy
  • [ISPN-692] - Avoid unnecessary load of index segment chunks during first creation
  • [ISPN-696] - NPE during state transfer after restarting cache


  • [ISPN-616] - Have the Lucene directory use specialized caches for different purposes
  • [ISPN-684] - Lucene: improve tests to make sure no empty buffers are stored

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