Release Notes - HornetQ - Version 2.1.0.CR1 - HTML format

Quality Risk

  • [HORNETQ-340] - Sending a Message Clears The SecurityContext

Feature Request

  • [HORNETQ-318] - Change the journal format to use longs on the file ID
  • [HORNETQ-379] - improve Stomp / JMS mapping
  • [HORNETQ-383] - Unreachable network prevents HornetQ server with discovery group to start
  • [HORNETQ-384] - Separate HornetQDestination into Queue and Topic implementations
  • [HORNETQ-387] - avoid pointer<-> long conversion on the native code


  • [HORNETQ-339] - JBoss AS won't shutdown when HornetQ Server and HornetQ RA are used on that same server
  • [HORNETQ-376] - Possible NPE on TopicControl.removeMessages
  • [HORNETQ-377] - JMS Bridge cannot bridge messages with core byte[] properties
  • [HORNETQ-385] - consumer.receive() or consumer.receiveImmediate returning null with slow consumers will allow a message delivered on the cache
  • [HORNETQ-389] - Durable messages can be lost when using MDB with selector
  • [HORNETQ-390] - Delivery count is not updated when client dies
  • [HORNETQ-391] - ConsumerCount=0 when running HornetQ standalone and JCA with JBoss on different physical servers
  • [HORNETQ-395] - Stomp expiration header is not supported


  • [HORNETQ-279] - Support Stomp over Web Sockets
  • [HORNETQ-293] - Add a mention to what file systems we support on aio
  • [HORNETQ-349] - Clarify XA/transaction behavior of resource adapter
  • [HORNETQ-368] - Table 24.2. Paging Address Settings contains wrong tag name
  • [HORNETQ-374] - Create two new chapters in the user manual
  • [HORNETQ-375] - Update quick start guide with new AS configuration directory layout
  • [HORNETQ-378] - Add a note to the docs about different JCA RA adaptor name in AS 4.x
  • [HORNETQ-394] - Make update count on journal load to be a warning intead of a critical error

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