Release Notes - RiftSaw - Version 2.1.0.CR1 - HTML format

Feature Request


  • [RIFTSAW-152] - Continuous stack trace loop after attempting to invoke bpel script that has errors
  • [RIFTSAW-173] - Exception when undeploying quickstarts
  • [RIFTSAW-184] - H2 Concurrent update exception
  • [RIFTSAW-188] - Locking issue on boot time reading the WSDLs from HTTP URL
  • [RIFTSAW-195] - conflictingReceive with onEvent on scope
  • [RIFTSAW-200] - Does not take care about *.endpoint file in the bpelContent
  • [RIFTSAW-210] - cannot use xsd files inside a wsdl partnerLink for bpel process
  • [RIFTSAW-222] - column "detailsext" is of type bytea but expression is of type oid


  • [RIFTSAW-194] - Merge in 1.3.4 ODE code
  • [RIFTSAW-203] - Check in generated classes
  • [RIFTSAW-205] - update riftsaw-ode's (1.x-fixes branch) to using our own groupId and artifactId.
  • [RIFTSAW-206] - use the updated jboss maven repository.
  • [RIFTSAW-213] - Installation documentation update

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