Release Notes - RiftSaw - Version 2.1.0.CR2 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [RIFTSAW-115] - Switch use of Hibernate from native to JPA API


  • [RIFTSAW-186] - Timing issue with oneway request example on cxf
  • [RIFTSAW-192] - webservice_esb_bpel example fails to complete
  • [RIFTSAW-209] - Activity failure recovery functionality doesn't work.
  • [RIFTSAW-211] - Log4j error at JBoss startup time: class path contains multiple SLF4J bindings.
  • [RIFTSAW-214] - NumberFormatException in Quickstart_bpel_loan_approval test
  • [RIFTSAW-215] - Timeout trying to lock table "BPEL_SELECTORS" in BluePrint5 example.
  • [RIFTSAW-216] - Failed to activate endpoint in BluePrint4
  • [RIFTSAW-223] - Exception "id to load is required for loading"
  • [RIFTSAW-228] - SecureInvoke integration test having an impact on subsequent ESBBPELLoanFault test case


  • [RIFTSAW-204] - Remove the buildr build
  • [RIFTSAW-212] - Create integration test and/or example using EBWS
  • [RIFTSAW-221] - Updated build to work with jboss-nexus configuration
  • [RIFTSAW-224] - Reorganise branches to move temporary work branches into a separate top level area
  • [RIFTSAW-226] - Add quickstarts into distribution
  • [RIFTSAW-230] - Allow ESB examples to run within the riftsaw distribution
  • [RIFTSAW-231] - Add sample to demonstrate ESB proxy service around JAXWS service

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