Release Notes - RiftSaw - Version 2.1.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [RIFTSAW-155] - Support Activate and Retire actions on Process Definitions


  • [RIFTSAW-234] - UDDI related NPE when running loan_approval example with ESB 4.8
  • [RIFTSAW-235] - the readme files of secure_invoke and secure_service samples are not good
  • [RIFTSAW-236] - NPE when sending an invalid wsdl op to a BPEL process
  • [RIFTSAW-237] - Delete button on Runtime->Deployments throws exception
  • [RIFTSAW-239] - Web service interface currently not updated when new version deployed
  • [RIFTSAW-243] - Version numbers incorrectly assigned - currently uses an auto-increment approach rather than using the number associated with the deployment
  • [RIFTSAW-247] - Spring framework dependency not deployed, must be satisfied by JBossESB (which is supposed to be optional)
  • [RIFTSAW-250] - Active process instances for retired process versions are not being displayed in console


  • [RIFTSAW-227] - Consider upgrading pre-requisite to ESB 4.8
  • [RIFTSAW-229] - Add configuration for the time between deployed and undeploy in integration test.
  • [RIFTSAW-232] - Add http-gateway + SOAPProxy example and integration test
  • [RIFTSAW-241] - Document versioning issue and 'stable interface' parameter
  • [RIFTSAW-242] - Update to console 2.1.1 (maintenance release)
  • [RIFTSAW-245] - Renaming the sequence from "hibernate_sequence" into "bpel_sequence"
  • [RIFTSAW-246] - Added database upgrade and diagram in user guide.

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