Release Notes - RiftSaw - Version 2.2.0.CR1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [RIFTSAW-92] - Visual Instance Flow
  • [RIFTSAW-170] - separate the esb test cases in integration tests.
  • [RIFTSAW-190] - BPELInvoke support WS Security / ESB Context
  • [RIFTSAW-218] - Add message body to ODE Event Listener data


  • [RIFTSAW-260] - Problems with Oneway invoke
  • [RIFTSAW-280] - During undeployment of process just the binding template is deleted from uddi registry, not the whole service
  • [RIFTSAW-291] - postgres db : column "detailsext" is of type bytea but expression is of type bigint
  • [RIFTSAW-292] - operator does not exist: integer = boolean
  • [RIFTSAW-293] - Generated JAX-WS web service causes exception when running with signed jars
  • [RIFTSAW-295] - ESB security_saml example fails when riftsaw is installed
  • [RIFTSAW-296] - Operation not found, exception when WSDL service has multiple ports
  • [RIFTSAW-298] - jUDDi exception on server restart
  • [RIFTSAW-299] - Problem invoking oneway partner operation
  • [RIFTSAW-300] - NoSuchMethodError in jUDDI code on undeploy a process
  • [RIFTSAW-305] - Header part name added to SOAP message when invoking an external service
  • [RIFTSAW-309] - error on showing active instance of retire process.


  • [RIFTSAW-225] - Remove H2 change in deploy script if based on JBossESB 4.9
  • [RIFTSAW-261] - Review lib and samples/common/lib contents
  • [RIFTSAW-269] - Add support for DB2 database.
  • [RIFTSAW-289] - Update dependency to JBossESB 4.9
  • [RIFTSAW-303] - create a new stable release for juddi.
  • [RIFTSAW-310] - Update documentation plugins to enable build with maven3
  • [RIFTSAW-314] - Add order management quickstart
  • [RIFTSAW-315] - Add ESB SAML sample


  • [RIFTSAW-264] - BPEL Activity Event replay into SVG based model

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