Release Notes - Savara - Version 1.0.0.CR1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [SAVARA-6] - Storage of SAVARA artifacts in SOA repository
  • [SAVARA-51] - Provide option for creating JBossTools BPEL projects in the correct structure
  • [SAVARA-53] - JBoss ESB issues focus on relevant node in ESB editor if installed
  • [SAVARA-54] - WSDL generation should be document based and incorporate message schema
  • [SAVARA-55] - WSDL generation should be possible as a separate operation from BPEL process generation
  • [SAVARA-56] - Generated PartnerLinkTypes should be in a separate WSDL file named processNameArtifacts
  • [SAVARA-57] - BPEL generation folder name should be bpelContent
  • [SAVARA-59] - Create BPEL activity names similar to BPMN model task names
  • [SAVARA-60] - Mac changes encoding on cdm file to MacRoman, file won't open
  • [SAVARA-63] - Namespace should support multiple XSD files in Schema Location
  • [SAVARA-64] - Business scenario editor
  • [SAVARA-67] - Add monitoring support for messages in SOAP Envelopes


  • [SAVARA-44] - Whyen ESBBroker choreography generated for Buyer participant the initial request/response is not correct
  • [SAVARA-50] - Selecting message type, in scenario when no message definitions available, records type with prefix, instead of text based QName format
  • [SAVARA-62] - Choreography editor throws exception when re-opening
  • [SAVARA-66] - Annotation editing not working for jbossesb annotations
  • [SAVARA-76] - Schema location list leads to misleading message if one schema cannot be located


  • [SAVARA-18] - Generation of HTML documentation from user defined templates
  • [SAVARA-27] - Generation of UML State Model/Diagram representation of WS-CDL participants
  • [SAVARA-71] - Setup Eclipse update site build mechanism with hudson job for nightly builds
  • [SAVARA-72] - Add pi4soa BPMN export feature/plugin into Eclipse update site build
  • [SAVARA-73] - Remove 'conversation aware' ESB features from Savara
  • [SAVARA-74] - Make validator annotation generic - currently jbossesb specific


  • [SAVARA-11] - Error navigation to BPEL editor

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