Release Notes - Savara - Version 1.1.0.CR1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [SAVARA-129] - TAP relationship validator between CDM and BPEL
  • [SAVARA-130] - TAP relationship validator betweeen Scenario and CDM


  • [SAVARA-121] - Conformance checking problem with BPEL referring to WSDL message type, where underlying xsd type is required
  • [SAVARA-134] - WSDL service, portType and message definitions defined in two files


  • [SAVARA-35] - Service validator for BPEL services
  • [SAVARA-108] - Migrate Eclipse plugin build to use Tycho
  • [SAVARA-119] - Updated monitor to use external paths, rather than bundling the libs, so can use alternative JMS providers


  • [SAVARA-78] - Project Descriptor Schema
  • [SAVARA-80] - Eclipse validation based on information in the Project Descriptor
  • [SAVARA-87] - Validation Framework for TIA Project Descriptor
  • [SAVARA-99] - JAX-WS Service Activity Interceptor (JBossWS-native)
  • [SAVARA-100] - JBossESB Service Activity Interceptor
  • [SAVARA-115] - Integrate service validator into monitoring architecture
  • [SAVARA-128] - Update service validator documentation with 'type' validator attribute and JAX-WS interceptor details

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