Release Notes - Application Server 3 4 5 and 6 - Version JBossAS-4.0.1 SP1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [JBAS-1382] - Externalize the clustering PartitionName setting to a single system property reference
  • [JBAS-1451] - Need additional trace level logging about security domain cache validation


  • [JBAS-1021] - Virtual host problem
  • [JBAS-1309] - Run as identity not used for JCA when using security-domain with caller identity
  • [JBAS-1320] - Security Hole Created by MDB Deployment
  • [JBAS-1356] - subscriptionDurability is mispelt :-) in JMSContainerInvoker
  • [JBAS-1363] - JACC DelegatingPolicy will not work with a SecurityManager installed
  • [JBAS-1379] - HA-JNDI write operations have deadlock problem
  • [JBAS-1380] - UIL2 server accept thread can be lost due to unexpected error
  • [JBAS-1381] - Clustering with CrossContext Enabled generates exception
  • [JBAS-1438] - EJB isCallerInRole affected by interaction with other secured resources
  • [JBAS-1440] - HttpSessionBindingListener broken when replication enabled
  • [JBAS-1452] - SecurityAssociation trace flag was set too early
  • [JBAS-1456] - Login module is executed twice from web tier initiated authentication


  • [JBAS-1396] - Fix the ejb3 deployer integration
  • [JBAS-1439] - Update maxHttpHeaderSize to address Tomcat upload performance problem on windows with IE

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