Release Notes - JBoss Messaging - Version 1.0.1.CR1 - HTML format

Feature Request


  • [JBMESSAGING-274] - server redeployment fails under unclear circumstances
  • [JBMESSAGING-305] - The release script includes unnecessary libraries in the scoped messaging sar
  • [JBMESSAGING-308] - Transaction mem leak
  • [JBMESSAGING-323] - At undeployment, JBossManagedConnectionPool is stopped after ServerPeer, causing org.jboss.remoting.InvalidConfigurationException
  • [JBMESSAGING-325] - Message selectors and subscriptions
  • [JBMESSAGING-333] - ConnectionFactory deployment fails with "Exception setting attribute JNDIBindings / NullPointerException" on JBoss 4.0.2 and lower
  • [JBMESSAGING-334] - The Connector fails to deploy in JBoss 4.0.1SP1 and lower due to obsolete org.jboss.util.propertyeditor.PropertyEditors dependency
  • [JBMESSAGING-335] - Remoting deployment fails on JBoss 4.0.1 and lower because of SecurityAssociation obsolete dependency
  • [JBMESSAGING-336] - The automated installation procedure fails for an installer-created JBoss 4.x instance.
  • [JBMESSAGING-337] - PersistenceManager and ChannelMapper try to create the proxy to their TransactionManager dependency too early.
  • [JBMESSAGING-339] - The MDB example fails with classloading problems on an installer-created 4.0.3SP1
  • [JBMESSAGING-346] - Spurious ConcurrentModificationException on connection failure
  • [JBMESSAGING-359] - Using jboss-serialization 1.0.0.CR7 breaks functional testsuite
  • [JBMESSAGING-363] - TCK tests fail on account of wrong exception being thrown
  • [JBMESSAGING-364] - TCK ee.mdb.xa.MDBClient tests fail


  • [JBMESSAGING-187] - Certify JBoss Messaging Content on JBoss Labs
  • [JBMESSAGING-280] - Allow datasource to be configurable in servicecontainer
  • [JBMESSAGING-303] - Describe how jboss-messaging and ejb3 need to be configured to work together
  • [JBMESSAGING-311] - Add destination deployment params test
  • [JBMESSAGING-316] - Extend the smoke matrix to test all JBoss 4.X released versions
  • [JBMESSAGING-318] - Review the user guide and send it to the documentation team for processing
  • [JBMESSAGING-320] - Validate Messaging with *ALL* released JBoss 4.0.X versions
  • [JBMESSAGING-338] - Include all "installer" installation in the smoke test matrix
  • [JBMESSAGING-341] - Modify the ant release task to bundle the test source code with the release
  • [JBMESSAGING-347] - Use Serialization release that fixed the bug described in JBSER-59
  • [JBMESSAGING-350] - Test and bundle the Postgres configuration example
  • [JBMESSAGING-356] - Split jboss-service.xml into their own files
  • [JBMESSAGING-358] - Provide a docs/example EJB3 MDB example


  • [JBMESSAGING-317] - Test the client jar with all JBoss 4.X released versions
  • [JBMESSAGING-349] - Standalone Messaging based on "extracted" JBoss 4.0.3SP1
  • [JBMESSAGING-360] - BytesJBossMessage fails with jboss-serialization 1.0.0.CR7

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