Release Notes - JBoss Messaging - Version 1.2.0.Alpha1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [JBMESSAGING-4] - Load balancing
  • [JBMESSAGING-193] - Enable configurable timeout on all calls of RpcServerCall.remoteInvoke(...)
  • [JBMESSAGING-561] - Write a simple example (distributed topic) and include it in the set shipped with the release


  • [JBMESSAGING-171] - Remoting timeouts
  • [JBMESSAGING-247] - Race condition - out of order delivery
  • [JBMESSAGING-302] - Invoking Topic management interface's listMessagesDurableSub()/ listMessagesNonDurableSub() with empty params throws exception
  • [JBMESSAGING-331] - Message id generator and resource manager Memory leak
  • [JBMESSAGING-424] - Cannot access the first message when starting the JMS subscriber
  • [JBMESSAGING-435] - PointToPoint delivery with multiple consumers and selectors is broken
  • [JBMESSAGING-499] - get-test-execution-classpath assumes windows
  • [JBMESSAGING-525] - postgresql-persistence-service.xml contains invalid SQL syntax
  • [JBMESSAGING-526] - JMSRedelivered flag not correctly set on true in certain redelivery scenarios
  • [JBMESSAGING-536] - The CallbackServer cannot be contacted for some particular network interface configurations
  • [JBMESSAGING-565] - Race Condition between Topic/Queue.getMessageCount and Deliver Thread


  • [JBMESSAGING-43] - Change the module name to "messaging"
  • [JBMESSAGING-89] - Repository reorganization
  • [JBMESSAGING-139] - Consider whether core can be refactored to remove concept of delivery
  • [JBMESSAGING-175] - Unnecessary junit.timeout2 used by tests/build.xml
  • [JBMESSAGING-192] - Refactor Replicator so it won't be forced to provide noop implementation for Distributor's methods.
  • [JBMESSAGING-197] - Refactor Channel, Distributor etc so there is only one receiver per channel
  • [JBMESSAGING-199] - Fix or mothball remotetopic so it does not require multiple deliveries per message reference
  • [JBMESSAGING-200] - Complete XA transaction recovery
  • [JBMESSAGING-227] - Complete extension of smoke test to deploy/test non-scoped Messaging with JBoss 5.0
  • [JBMESSAGING-228] - Re-enable DistributedTopicTest testDistributedTopic_2() and testDistributedTopic_4()
  • [JBMESSAGING-229] - Peristence Optimizations
  • [JBMESSAGING-255] - Change signature of core interfaces to deal with MessageReferences only
  • [JBMESSAGING-267] - Re-enable distributed tests
  • [JBMESSAGING-269] - Review ChannelMapper interface for possible functionality separation
  • [JBMESSAGING-310] - Investigate whether rw lock on ServerConnectionEndpoint is necessary
  • [JBMESSAGING-319] - Enable the Messaging build to use component-info.xml and versioned dependencies
  • [JBMESSAGING-332] - Consider how best to factor paging logic out of channel state
  • [JBMESSAGING-398] - Summarize clustering design discussions and forum threads in a Clustering Design document
  • [JBMESSAGING-404] - Remove Channel::deliver(Receiver r) method
  • [JBMESSAGING-414] - Simplify delivery hierarchy
  • [JBMESSAGING-422] - Move channel mapper logic into Queue, Topic, Subscription classes
  • [JBMESSAGING-425] - Naming of Pipe and Distributed Pipe
  • [JBMESSAGING-444] - Release 1.2.0.Alpha1
  • [JBMESSAGING-550] - Add JBoss 4.0.5.CR1 (expanded and installer-generated) to the smoke test suite
  • [JBMESSAGING-562] - Adjust the installation script to support a clustered installation
  • [JBMESSAGING-563] - Update the documentation with a Clustering Intro



  • [JBMESSAGING-235] - Make use of the datasource mappings
  • [JBMESSAGING-240] - Review reference counting in the database
  • [JBMESSAGING-456] - Migrate jboss-head/jms subdirectory content to standalone SVN repository
  • [JBMESSAGING-457] - Modify the build system to use jbossbuild
  • [JBMESSAGING-458] - Update JBossMessagingBuildInstructions wiki page
  • [JBMESSAGING-460] - Get rid of derelict SVN branches and tags
  • [JBMESSAGING-461] - Post on the development forum an announcement that the SVN is complete
  • [JBMESSAGING-462] - Verify the validity of the artifacts generated by the new build
  • [JBMESSAGING-463] - Completely get rid of commented out jboss.aspects.lib references from build-messaging.xml
  • [JBMESSAGING-464] - log4j output format differs from the CVS version
  • [JBMESSAGING-465] - Failed to initalize plugin org.jboss.logging.Log4jLoggerPlugin@513cf0
  • [JBMESSAGING-466] - Take a final decision on whether to use &tools or keep only parts of jbossbuild under "tools"
  • [JBMESSAGING-469] - Clarify how build-thirdparty.xml's <build> task attributes should be used.
  • [JBMESSAGING-470] - Modify start-rmi-server and stop-rmi-server to use "test.execution.classpath" generated by tests/build.xml
  • [JBMESSAGING-473] - Remote test reports overwrite local test reports
  • [JBMESSAGING-474] - lib/jboss-serialization.jar doesn't override thirdparty/jboss/serialization
  • [JBMESSAGING-475] - Old build-related tasks
  • [JBMESSAGING-482] - stress tests don't work
  • [JBMESSAGING-483] - ManifestTest fails
  • [JBMESSAGING-517] - Implement intelligent balancer
  • [JBMESSAGING-518] - Implement distributed destinations

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