Release Notes - JBoss ESB - Version 4.2.1 CP3 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [JBESB-1627] - Support authentication on outgoing JMS (i.e. JMSRouter)
  • [JBESB-1782] - SOAPClient: Pass request parameter Map down to Smooks transformer


  • [JBESB-1547] - Contract console should generate HTTP 404 when asking for non-deployed service WSDL
  • [JBESB-1633] - MBeanServerLocator.locate always returns the first item in the map instead of a lookup
  • [JBESB-1635] - The JbpmService MBean is missing a dependency
  • [JBESB-1636] - MBean dependencies specify the datasource but not the initialiser
  • [JBESB-1639] - jms_secured quickstart does not work in the SOA platform
  • [JBESB-1651] - DBMessageStoreImpl explicitly setting the Transaction Isolation levels for message redelivery - breaking on Oracle
  • [JBESB-1664] - Add an expected output portion to jms_transacted QS
  • [JBESB-1690] - The SQL listener is not usable with most of databases
  • [JBESB-1694] - ESB is incorrectly reporting empty value for org.jboss.soa.esb.mail.smtp.auth
  • [JBESB-1696] - Email helper is buggy - session handling and authentication
  • [JBESB-1698] - SOA-P/ESB with IBM MQ 6 = javax.naming.NotContextException
  • [JBESB-1712] - Database already closed - jbpm persistence error on shutdown
  • [JBESB-1721] - Add MSSQL config files
  • [JBESB-1722] - MSSQL: Unable to populate JBPM_ID_... tables
  • [JBESB-1723] - Wrong version identifier in MANIFEST.MF of jbossesb-rosetta.jar
  • [JBESB-1749] - JMSCourier should protect against clean session in jmsConnectRetry
  • [JBESB-1750] - Input data file for transform_CSV2XML quickstart generates a warning
  • [JBESB-1773] - ESB (helloworld quickstart) is failing with Tibco EMS as the JMS provider
  • [JBESB-1777] - helloworld_tx_sql_action 'Database already closed' error
  • [JBESB-1778] - H2 remote database shutdown fails, STOP_SERVER not found
  • [JBESB-1785] - SOAPClient: Process method should assert that parameter payload is a Map
  • [JBESB-1791] - SoapUIClientService not setting the OGNL expression attribute when the clone point is the element itself and there's only a single collection entrry
  • [JBESB-1798] - Error message for Notifier is misleading if exception is thrown in Notifier class constructor
  • [JBESB-1803] - MTOM support is broken
  • [JBESB-1806] - Error processing courier, backing off - ESBs stop processing messages
  • [JBESB-1818] - H2 remote database is not being closed down when the MBean is undeployed
  • [JBESB-1819] - H2 database for helloworld_tx_sql_action is creating files in current directory
  • [JBESB-1821] - JmsCourier holds JNDI contexts over calls to JmsConnectionPool
  • [JBESB-1839] - Missing dependency for queue/OperationsCollectorQueue in jbossesb.esb


  • [JBESB-1586] - Update bpm_orchestration4 quickstart
  • [JBESB-1595] - Remove JNDI default configuration from quickstart jboss-esb.xml files
  • [JBESB-1663] - Lifecycle Unit Test does not work
  • [JBESB-1673] - SOA platform changed upload URL for jBPM
  • [JBESB-1724] - Move DataFilerScheduler MBean control out of the servlet and make it a standard MBean
  • [JBESB-1752] - Is docs/FAQ.txt still necessary?
  • [JBESB-1766] - Revert jms_transacted to throwing an exception in the action
  • [JBESB-1767] - Remove H2 database MBean test
  • [JBESB-1768] - JbpmAsyncUnitTest failure
  • [JBESB-1775] - Fix jBPM ant task for qa unit tests
  • [JBESB-1776] - Tidy up quickstart DB dependencies and make sure they can run together
  • [JBESB-1786] - Disable run target in bpm_orchestration2
  • [JBESB-1788] - JTATransactionStrategy logs too much information when debug is enabled
  • [JBESB-1799] - Create JBM sessions from a daemon thread

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