Release Notes - JBoss Remoting - Version 2.4.0.SP1 (Pinto) - Text format

Feature Request

  • [JBREM-996] - CLONE [JBREM-971] - Enhance server-side connection error handling so certain (potentially revealing) socket-related exceptins are not discarded
  • [JBREM-997] - CLONE [JBREM-970] - Enhance client-side error reporting so a misspelled truststore file name required by SSL can be easily spotted
  • [JBREM-1012] - CLONE [JBREM-1010] - Add feature to declaratively turn on leasing for 2.4.0
  • [JBREM-1015] - CLONE [JBREM-1014] - Support injection of socket factory class name into AbstractInvoker


  • [JBREM-302] - remote dynamic marshall loading not working on linux
  • [JBREM-925] - SSLSocketBuilder config attribute names out of sync with docs
  • [JBREM-990] - CLONE [JBREM-960] - Remoting configured with Servlet invoker can return misleading Exceptions when Servlet path is incorrect
  • [JBREM-991] - Investigate MulticastDetector message flood
  • [JBREM-1000] - CLONE [JBREM-962] - Remote classloading does not work with Isolated EARs
  • [JBREM-1005] - Prevent build up of cancelled TimerTasks in bisocket transport
  • [JBREM-1006] - SOA MTOM bug points to bug in Remoting codebase
  • [JBREM-1019] - RemotingClassLoader needs option to delegate to user class loader before parent
  • [JBREM-1022] - Fix misleading javadoc in InvokerLocator
  • [JBREM-1023] - Dynamic marshalling fails with JBossSerialization


  • [JBREM-999] - Make sure all fixes on 2.2 branch are ported to 2.x branch.
  • [JBREM-1017] - Improve socket timeout log message
  • [JBREM-1024] - Assure version compatibility with earlier versions of Remoting


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