Release Notes - Envers - Version 1.1.0.Beta1 - Text format

Feature Request

  • [ENVERS-31] - Add an option to automatically ignore the optimistic locking field (@Version)
  • [ENVERS-32] - Read the revision type information through a public API
  • [ENVERS-34] - Add Enum support for revision type
  • [ENVERS-36] - Add an option for revisions of entity query to select revisions when entities were deleted or not
  • [ENVERS-39] - Add an @Unversioned annotation
  • [ENVERS-43] - Support unidriectional one-to-many associtaions, mapped using @OneToMany, without a @JoinColumn
  • [ENVERS-47] - In revisions of entity query, all information about a revision should be selected


  • [ENVERS-4] - The revision_id field should be in a foreign key constraint
  • [ENVERS-24] - Exception thrown when using @ManyToMany
  • [ENVERS-29] - NullPointerException with single-table inhertiance
  • [ENVERS-35] - When projections are set, deleted entities can be sometimes selected in entities at revisions query
  • [ENVERS-46] - Exception thrown when using manual flush mode in Seam


  • [ENVERS-33] - Add Envers to JBoss Maven2 repository
  • [ENVERS-37] - Refactor packages to "straigthen" dependencies
  • [ENVERS-38] - Upgrade and test Hibernate 3.3.0

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