Release Notes - JBoss Remoting - Version 2.2.2.SP11 - Text format


  • [JBREM-1041] - Remote classloading does not work with Isolated EARs, Part 2
  • [JBREM-1042] - CLONE [JBREM-1019] - RemotingClassLoader needs option to delegate to user class loader before parent
  • [JBREM-1045] - ServerInvokerCallbackHandler can suffer deadlock when used with BlockingCallbackStore
  • [JBREM-1050] - HTTPClientInvoker does not support BASIC authentication for proxies when use of proxy is configured by system properties
  • [JBREM-1052] - CLONE [JBREM-1046] - HTTPClientInvoker throws NullPointerException when HttpURLConnection.getInputStream() returns null
  • [JBREM-1055] - should have a sanity test to prevent calls from application code
  • [JBREM-1056] - Fix race condition in InvokerRegistry
  • [JBREM-1069] - Make ConnectorValidator configure ping period correctly
  • [JBREM-1070] - Fix deadlock in ConnectionValidator
  • [JBREM-1071] - IllegalStateException in
  • [JBREM-1072] - Synchronize access to static maps in MarshalFactory
  • [JBREM-1073] - Allow invocations to stopped servers to throw CannotConnectExceptions


  • [JBREM-1075] - Assure version compatibility with earlier versions of Remoting


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