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Feature Request


  • [JBMESSAGING-1186] - maxBatchTime stops working after the connection between source and target servers is lost
  • [JBMESSAGING-1456] - Messages stuck in being-delivered state in cluster
  • [JBMESSAGING-1543] - Message Bridge does not start if the first attempt failed
  • [JBMESSAGING-1547] - Potential Dead Lock in MessageSucker.stop()
  • [JBMESSAGING-1554] - JMSRedelivered header not set for messages redelivered in AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE mode
  • [JBMESSAGING-1562] - Channel Name resolution not correct in MessagingPostOfficeService.startService().
  • [JBMESSAGING-1608] - MessagingXAResourceRecovery doesn't reconnect remote Messaging instance after remote instance restart
  • [JBMESSAGING-1623] - Client failover causes thread leak
  • [JBMESSAGING-1627] - JBM JGroups groupname is null for both channels. The groupname can't be changed from null-CTRL and null-DATA
  • [JBMESSAGING-1630] - JBM testsuite doesn't support ipv6.


  • [JBMESSAGING-1131] - Add configuration for Remoting servlet transport
  • [JBMESSAGING-1546] - ERROR [util.JMSFactory] Could not lookup connection factory
  • [JBMESSAGING-1564] - JBM sslbisocket remoting configure file need to be updated
  • [JBMESSAGING-1591] - ServerInvokerCallbackHandler is not cleaned up properly after a client faliure.
  • [JBMESSAGING-1607] - Updating parameters in sslbisocket remoting configuration file

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