Release Notes - JBoss Remoting - Version 2.5.2 (Flounder) - Text format

Feature Request

  • [JBREM-1102] - Make configuration map available to MarshalFactory
  • [JBREM-1120] - Add a socket write timeout facility
  • [JBREM-1123] - SocketServerInvoker needs an immediate shutdown option
  • [JBREM-1124] - Invokers need option for configuration map parameters to override InvokerLocator parameters
  • [JBREM-1132] - CLONE [JBREM-1128] - Introduce connection identity concept
  • [JBREM-1139] - Modify PortUtil to allow a configurable range for MIN_UNPRIVILEGED_PORT and MAX_LEGAL_PORT.
  • [JBREM-1146] - Treat IOException("Connection reset by peer") as a retriable exception


  • [JBREM-1077] - Fix problem in CompressingMarshaller
  • [JBREM-1105] - DefaultLoadBalancer doesn't use all available server (if there are x servers available it uses x-1 of these)
  • [JBREM-1121] - Client SocketFactory should be configurable by InvokerLocator
  • [JBREM-1125] - Test for IllegalStateException when calling Timer.schedule()
  • [JBREM-1133] - CLONE [JBREM-1129] - Eliminate nondeterminism in Lease updates
  • [JBREM-1137] - New jnpserver requires wrapping call to new InitialContext() in PrivilegedExceptionAction
  • [JBREM-1145] - HTTPUnMarshaller shouldn't use the value of content-type to determine the type of an object
  • [JBREM-1147] - BisocketClientInvoker.createSocket() in callback mode should check for replaced control socket
  • [JBREM-1150] - Lease should update client list if PING invocation has same time as previous PING
  • [JBREM-1154] - Client.connect() should throw an exception when Lease creation fails
  • [JBREM-1159] - Version compatibility problem with leasing


  • [JBREM-1134] - Assure version compatibility with earlier versions of Remoting
  • [JBREM-1136] - Update jars to match AS 5.1.0
  • [JBREM-1142] - Clarify use of "clientConnectAddress" in RemotingGuide
  • [JBREM-1151] - Correct dependency discussion in Chapter 4 of Remoting Guide
  • [JBREM-1155] - Assure version compatibility with earlier versions of Remoting
  • [JBREM-1158] - Update jars to match AS 5.2.0.Beta2


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