Release Notes - Seam 2 - Version 2.1.2.GA - HTML format

Feature Request


  • [JBSEAM-2690] - Websphere on Windows JPA reference guide example throws a ClassCastException
  • [JBSEAM-3603] - Progressbar example is broken
  • [JBSEAM-3648] - Several source file reference a copyright.txt in the distribution that is nonexistent
  • [JBSEAM-4152] - HTTP BASIC authentication fails with exception during embedded container testing
  • [JBSEAM-4169] - Enum converter does not handle inner anonymous enums
  • [JBSEAM-4173] - Wicket instrumentation results in incorrect disinjection when invoking superclass methods from a subclass constructor
  • [JBSEAM-4199] - Blog directory plugin shows duplicate attachments
  • [JBSEAM-4222] - RichFaces themes not copied to seam-gen project


  • [JBSEAM-2232] - Full review of Seam's log levels
  • [JBSEAM-2399] - Document no-conversation-view-id and conversation-required
  • [JBSEAM-3264] - REST requests create anemic HttpSessions
  • [JBSEAM-3425] - Documentation for clustering
  • [JBSEAM-4010] - Document various approaches to Wicket instrumentation
  • [JBSEAM-4135] - Upload selenium libs to jboss maven repository
  • [JBSEAM-4193] - Document attributes "color" of tag "p:font" and "scaleToFit" of tag "p:image"


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