Release Notes - Seam 2 - Version 2.2.1.CR2 - Text format


  • [JBSEAM-2419] - IAE: factory method with defined scope outjected a value: guestRole
  • [JBSEAM-2974] - <s:fileUpload> doesnt work inside <h:dataTable>
  • [JBSEAM-3769] - org.jboss.seam.ui.facelet.RendererRequest replaces HttpServletXXX with MockHttpServletXXX
  • [JBSEAM-3996] - Seam should ignore duplicate classes on classpath
  • [JBSEAM-4039] - Seam component cannot serve as a JAX-RS subresource
  • [JBSEAM-4367] - clustering and replication calls hashCode and injection fails.
  • [JBSEAM-4540] - OpenId example doesn't work with JBossAS 6.0.0.M1
  • [JBSEAM-4542] - NoSuchEJBException when both Authenticator and web service use EJB transaction
  • [JBSEAM-4562] - Drools example throws RuntimeDroolsException on JBoss AS 6
  • [JBSEAM-4567] - Metawidget examples fail to deploy to JBoss AS 6 M2
  • [JBSEAM-4570] - Seam Excel example doesn't work correctly on JBossAS 6.0.0.M2
  • [JBSEAM-4587] - seam-mail does not render facets correctly on JBoss AS 6
  • [JBSEAM-4590] - Multiple war in ear - resources not isolated between wars
  • [JBSEAM-4591] - jboss-seam-resteasy.jar deployed without dependencies in seam-gen project
  • [JBSEAM-4592] - jboss-seam-resteasy.jar not copied to a new seam-gen project
  • [JBSEAM-4593] - should call "afterRequest()" before facesContext.release()
  • [JBSEAM-4600] - Deploying of icefaces project generated by seam-gen fails with exception
  • [JBSEAM-4601] - Seambay example - web services page doesn't work with JBossAS 6.0.0.M2
  • [JBSEAM-4606] - interpolation of parameters in logged messages are not substituted
  • [JBSEAM-4623] - ServletContext is application scoped even though several can exist in one .ear
  • [JBSEAM-4624] - Tasks example doesn't work correctly on Windows
  • [JBSEAM-4629] - Disable default behaviour of auto-save for process instances
  • [JBSEAM-4632] - Seam Reference Guide - 18.1.5. Lists - two properties called "alignment" in p:list
  • [JBSEAM-4636] - tasks_jboss5.editTurtleTask fails
  • [JBSEAM-4642] - Contextual instance are not available via ResteasyProviderFactory.getContextData()
  • [JBSEAM-4666] - QueueConnection.stop() can not be called from an EJB containrer as stated in JEE5 spec section EE 6.6
  • [JBSEAM-4669] - Major java deadlock between BijectionInterceptor and Component since the getInstanceFromFactory method is synchronized
  • [JBSEAM-4671] - XML texts in the chapter for WebSphere do not render correctly in HTML + light refresh of the chapter
  • [JBSEAM-4675] - LogImpl.interpolate() is broken
  • [JBSEAM-4676] - Seam param - disabling EL expression evaluation
  • [JBSEAM-4677] - Transaction Interceptor leaks transactions
  • [JBSEAM-4687] - Seam-gen generates wrong .classpath file for Eclipse
  • [JBSEAM-4688] - Unable to run testng tests on seam projects in JBDS with testng version 5.10
  • [JBSEAM-4841] - Mail MIME Attachment IS NOT TO SPEC


  • [JBSEAM-3035] - upgrade to Spring JAR to version 2.5
  • [JBSEAM-4583] - Update Portlet Bridge and GateIn release instructions
  • [JBSEAM-4627] - Upgrade to RESTEasy 2.0-beta-2
  • [JBSEAM-4638] - In Seam mail do not recommend replacing the mail-ra.rar in JBoss 5.x
  • [JBSEAM-4645] - Implement functional tests for nestedbooking example


  • [JBSEAM-4444] - rich:comboBox have no dropdown arrow image when the project is generate by seam-gen
  • [JBSEAM-4461] - small typo/mistake in reference manual
  • [JBSEAM-4626] - Make install of own DocumentStore implementation possible
  • [JBSEAM-4630] - File Attachment not Visible in certain versions of AppleMail


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