Release Notes - RiftSaw - Version 2.0.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [RIFTSAW-145] - Examples - Sun BPEL Blueprints
  • [RIFTSAW-158] - Runtime UDDI lookup of Web Service
  • [RIFTSAW-191] - The access to the ODE Management API is requierd


  • [RIFTSAW-84] - Poor performance relative to the WS endpoint
  • [RIFTSAW-154] - Exception on one-way requests
  • [RIFTSAW-161] - HelloWorld not run on OracleXE
  • [RIFTSAW-167] - 'File does not exist' exception when running integrations test.
  • [RIFTSAW-168] - Errors in server log at startup
  • [RIFTSAW-175] - Undeploy npe on server restart when remote deployed unit no longer present
  • [RIFTSAW-176] - Cannot obtain endpoint meta data
  • [RIFTSAW-177] - ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.ode.bpel.iapi.BpelEngineException on running ESB (RiftSaw144) test case
  • [RIFTSAW-180] - Add 'terminate' process instance feature back into console
  • [RIFTSAW-185] - Error in the Process Overview
  • [RIFTSAW-187] - bpelc command doesn't work properly
  • [RIFTSAW-208] - webservice_esb_bpel will not deploy properly. Cannot find port with name '{}RetailerPort' in wsdl document
  • [RIFTSAW-217] - Deploying quickstart examples generates java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException


  • [RIFTSAW-164] - Create hudson job for SOA 5.
  • [RIFTSAW-169] - Update the GettingStarted Guide.
  • [RIFTSAW-171] - Don't remove the h2 database when undeploy riftsaw.
  • [RIFTSAW-172] - Add integration test for RIFTSAW-70
  • [RIFTSAW-178] - Finish integration test for RIFTSAW-163
  • [RIFTSAW-179] - upgrade hudson jobs to use the web service (both cxf and native) to 3.2.2.GA
  • [RIFTSAW-189] - Preparation for RiftSaw-2.0-Final build

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